By Danny Golding


With Kevin Durant not even making the trip to Houston waiting to be reevaluated and despite the fact that the Warriors have an NBA title, a 73 win season and a Western Conference title without K.D, no won gave the Warriors a chance to win a game on the road in Houston. The Dubs did not let that get into their heads and were on fire from the tip off to the final buzzer! The game was almost a trade of points each possession. In the first half the Warriors offense mainly centered around Klay Thompson who lead the ball movement for the Warriors as Steph struggled in the first half.  Klay had 27 points. In the second half Steph came back and scored 33 points with a dominant 4th quarter. Kevon Looney and Shaun Livingson came out strong with some points in the paint, Kevon with 14 and Shaun with 11. Quinn Cook only had 2 points but played well on defense and helped move the offense in the first half. Andrew Bogut also had a good game defensively. Andre Iguodala proved he could be a dominant weapon in the postseason once again with 17 points, he hit five 3 pointers.  Chris Paul’s fade away jumper with 11 left to go made it 89-82 Rockets. Iguodala then hit a 3 pointer followed by a Steph layup to make it back into a two point game. Just a prime example about how the playoff Warriors don’t let a small defecate on the road get to them and most of the time come back next possession and answer back. The old Warriors motto was “Strength in Numbers” meaning that the numbers of everyone contributing is greater then the numbers of a few star players was pretty much how the Dubs closed out the series without Kevin Durant and with Steph struggling in the first half. Curry’s 33 point second half, Livingson’s 11 points, Looney’s 14 points, Andre’s 17 points and Klay’s 27 points is what let them stay in the game despite James Harden hitting almost every shot he took with 35 points and Chris Paul’s 27 points. P.J Tucker also had 15 points. After  the game 5’s 104-99 victory at Oracle, Steve Kerr quoted Liverpool’s Soccer coach Jurgen Klobb who after leading  his team to a comeback win against Barcelona to advance to the UEFA Champions League final, he said his team was “intelligent fucking giants” acknowledging that the young kids in Liverpool would probably be asleep. After game 5 Steve Kerr quoted him, apologized to his mom and said “Our guys are fucking Giants”

The official San Francisco Giants Twitter account  had fun with it.We gotta trademark that line

After game 6, Kerr was asked what he’s gonna call them tonight: “Just Giants, I’m not gonna swear tonight. They’re Giants, they’re Champions. They’re a historically good Basketball team. ”

With the Portland Trailblazers game 7 win against the Denver Nuggets in another great down to the wire game lead by CJ McCollum’s 37 points. This series has a lot of interesting story lines with Damian Lillard returning to his hometown of Oakland to play against the Warriors in the battle for a Western Conference title in the last year of Oracle Arena, an arena that he grew up going to games in. Stephen Curry vs Seth Curry the first time 2 brothers have ever played against each other in a conference championship series. Kevin Durant will be reevaluated on Thursday and will not play games 1 or 2. DeMarcus Cousins who initially was said to be out for the remainder of the playoffs, could play at some point in this series. Game 1 will be tomorrow night at Oracle Arena.